About Us

Hello and welcome! My name is Elsie and I’m the founder of Golden Slumbers, where we create magical and unforgettable slumber party experiences for your children and their friends right here in Los Angeles. Golden Slumbers came about as a spin off to my sister-in-laws UK-based company, Wig Wam Bam. My sister-in-law, Kate has been creating these magical slumber parties in England for years and when I saw just how magical and unique the experience was I just knew that I had to recreate the magic back home in Los Angeles. And so with the knowledge and guidance from Kate’s experience and a little help from my husband in adapting the concept for the LA market, Golden Slumbers was born!

We create the most magical and unforgettable slumber party experience for your child and their friends. Slumber parties can create unforgettable childhood memories and we are here to bring those little touches to make the party an extraordinary experience!

All of our premium handmade stained wood tents come complete with plush hypoallergenic mattresses, fluffy pillows and a snuggly fleecy blanket. Sit back while we transform your room into an enchanting party space, complete with themed cushions, fairy lights, hand stitched bunting and personalized accents!

And to add to the experience, each child will be made to feel extra special by discovering their individual party box. These can be customised based on requirements, but think sleep masks, craft kits, sweets, torches, body art and games…. our goal is to make hosting a party in your home simple!

Watch us as we transform your home into an enchanting party space. Best of all, our service includes setting up and packing everything up – it really is that easy!

We cater for boys and girls sleepover parties. Our party theme packages are flexible and we are always open to suggestions! We are able to provide our services across Los Angeles County, drop us a line and we will do our very best to accommodate!